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Acu-Bright, Inc. is the only company
in the world to invent and employ equipment
to clean and protect chandeliers.

Holder of patents for advanced ultrasonic and aquasonic technologies in more than 15 countries, Acu-Bright is a leader in advanced environmentally safe and efficient cleaning of chandeliers, precious glass and metal fixtures.

Aquasonics™ "Green" Processes
Aquasonics™ cleaning technologies are based on the use of pure water and ultrasonics. This eliminates contact cleaning, the use of hazardous chemicals, and damage to plating, crystal and brass chandelier surfaces. This touch-free, environmentally safe process provides marked advantages over traditional chandelier care.

Advantages of Acu-Bright Aquasonics™
The Acu-Bright patented Aquasonics™ process provides more thorough chandelier cleaning than other methods. Since ultrasonic cleaning processes and equipment use sound waves rather than chemicals to clean chandeliers, ultrasonic cleaning essentially does away with the need for hand cleaning.

Unlike traditional chemical/hand cleaning, the patented no-touch method does not generate a static charge on crystal chandelier surfaces that attracts dirt and contaminants. No static is created so chandeliers stay brilliant longer. In addition, the technology allows chandeliers to be cleaned AS THEY HANG in place and aren't damaged in handling.

Another point is that since no corrosive chemical solvents are used, the process will not destroy the lacquer coating used to protect metal fixtures and their plating. Hand cleaning with chemicals does. Furthermore, there's no chance for chemical etching of crystals. It is better for your chandeliers, and safer for the environment.

Overall the Aquasonics™ chandelier cleaning process is approximately 85% faster than chemical hand cleaning. The final result is chandeliers that stay cleaner longer. This means that it's far more efficient, less disruptive, and less costly for you.

Comprehensive Services
The wide range of capabilities, superior craftsmanship and quality customer service have earned Acu-Bright the reputation as the leading company of choice for chandelier cleaning, repair and restoration for major hotel chains, resorts, theatres, casinos, prestigious federal buildings, major chandelier manufacturers, and home owners throughout the United States and Canada.

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Acu-Bright Aquasonics™

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Aquasonics™ cleaning crystal
as they hang.
Protects Chandeliers
Aquasonics™ eliminates the use of chemical sprays, and hand-scrubbing of crystals without damaging plating.
Environmentally Safe
Only pure water and sound waves are used, avoiding the need for and disposal of unnecessary chemicals.
Increases Brilliance
More surface area of the chandelier can be fully cleaned resulting in a cleaner brighter piece.
Results Last Longer
Since no static is generated on crystals, dirt is not attracted to cleaned surfaces and there are no chemical or soap residues to collect dirt and other contaminants.
Saves Time & Money
Aquasonics is less labor intensive yet more thorough making it up to 85% faster and more efficient than chemical hand cleaning.
Notably Superior to
 Other Methods
Aquasonics™ has been proven to be more efficient, less disruptive, and less costly than other cleaning methods.

In the past we have used a chemical that we spray onto the chandelier; however,
your system is far superior and has added a brilliance the likes of which we have
never seen before.

Jack Rutigliano
Director of Operations
Marriott SpringfieldMarriott Hotels