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Owner Keith Campbell

At 17, Acu-Bright's owner, Keith Campbell, accepted a position at a 38-year-old company that cleaned windows and restored chandeliers. Trained by skilled craftsmen, most of whom were in their 60s and 70s, Keith was impressed by the wealth of knowledge they possessed. Fortunately, these artisans were willing to share their craft, their wisdom and their experience. "My hands-on training during this time was instrumental in preparing me to be a successful business owner," Keith acknowledged.

After five years, Keith partnered with the man who trained him, and the two bought the company.

The idea for the Aquasonic™ machine happened quite by accident. While cleaning chandeliers by hand, Keith was always looking for ways to improve the business. At a wedding at a Boston hotel, he happened to look up at the chandeliers and noticed how dirty they were— and how large. He began to reflect on the best way to clean a chandelier of this size.

He had recently heard about an experimental Japanese method to clean clothes using sound waves. The concept intrigued him and he set about to learn all he could about ultrasonic technology.

Later, at another hotel event, he again happened to glance up at a dirty chandelier—but when a light bulb went off, a light went on in Keith's head. With the proper invention, he realized that he could apply ultrasound technology to the cleaning of a fixture without removing or damaging the thousands of crystals hanging from it.

Keith approached the hotel manager with his idea. The chandeliers had been cleaned two weeks earlier using chemical sprays, but the manager had not been happy with the results so he invited Keith to give a demonstration. His prototype worked so well that the manager hired him on the spot to reclean their chandeliers.

News of the success of Acu-Bright's aquasonic process quickly spread, and soon Acu-Bright had contracts with many of the largest east coast hotels.

Today Acu-Bright is a known and trusted pioneer in the chandelier industry. Starting small (fixtures as small as two-feet high), and reaching great "heights" (approximately six stories high with over 61,000 metal and crystals parts), Acu-Bright has become a leader in the business of cleaning and restoring chandeliers. Clientele are located in both the United States and Canada, and include public and governmental landmarks, prestigious hotels and clubs, as well as private residences.

According to Keith, "The need for the service is clearly out there as evidenced by our growth. What sets us apart is our unique ultrasonic process combined with our many years of expertise."

Acu-Bright currently holds several patents in the United States and abroad.

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Acu-Bright Aquasonics™
Protects Chandeliers
Aquasonics™ eliminates the use of chemical sprays, and hand-scrubbing of crystals without damaging plating.
Environmentally Safe
Only pure water and sound waves are used, avoiding the need for and disposal of unnecessary chemicals.
Increases Brilliance
More surface area of the chandelier can be fully cleaned resulting in a cleaner brighter piece.
Results Last Longer
Since no static is generated on crystals, dirt is not attracted to cleaned surfaces and there are no chemical or soap residues to collect dirt and other contaminants.
Saves Time & Money
Aquasonics is less labor intensive yet more thorough making it up to 85% faster and more efficient than chemical hand cleaning.
Notably Superior to
 Other Methods
Aquasonics™ has been proven to be more efficient, less disruptive, and less costly than other cleaning methods.

In the past we have used a chemical that we spray onto the chandelier; however, your system is far superior and has added a brilliance the likes of which we have never seen before.

Jack Rutigliano
Director of Operations
Marriott Springfield